Edition by Sara Magenheimer

Letter press print, 2014

45 x 30 cm

edition of 3

200€ each

Edition by Ghislaine Leung for Bureau des Réalités

Dedication, 2018

160 gsm paper, ink, perspex, nails. Dimensions 841 x 1189 x 5 mm

edition of 10


Edition by Simon Asencio for Bureau des Réalités,

Cover blueprint of The Book of Rumours

book jackets, prints on blueback paper

limited and signed edition of 25 ex.

made-to measure

€ 20

Guy Mees

co-published by Bureau des Réalités & Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, editor: Lilou Vidal

A4, 36 pages, 200 ex.


sold out

Edition by Rosa Aiello for Bureau des Réalités

The demagogue, 2016

handwritten text and digital print on condition report paper

Edition of 25

100€ each

April 21-24, 2016

with: Rosa Aiello, Marianne Berenhaut, Erwan Mahéo, Juan Pablo Plazas, Meggy Rustamova, Benjamin Seror, Zin Taylor

A Book exhibition articulated around Seth Siegelaub project January 5-31, 1969

Edition of 150

40€ each


Edition by Marianne Berenhaut for Bureau des Réalités

Untitled, 2016

collage and drawing on paper

Edition of 25

100€ each

Edition by Juan Pablo Plazas for Bureau des Réalités

Monster, 2016

serigraphy on paper

edition of 25

70€ each

Edition by Meggy Rustamova for Bureau des Réalités

She He She She He, Scripted plant, 2015

White ink on plant (Ficus Elastica)

variable size around 40 cm

Edition of 25

100€ each

Edition by Zin Taylor for Bureau des Réalités

Four Pieces of Language and a Field of Organicism, 2015

wax, ink, paper

45 x 34 cm

Edition of 25

100€ each