Bureau des Réalités aims at creating an intimate and critical approach of contemporary art practices through the participation of artists, curators, writers and editors in the cross-sectional domain of image, object and language circulating in the environment of the Bureau (office*) as a site of thought production.


The program includes exhibitions, residences, lectures, editions and publications  as well as outside curatorial projects to maintain an active and plural reflection.


Bureau des Réalités is a non-profit organization founded in May 2015 In Brussels by Lilou Vidal.




* The office is a workspace where to unite a thought from the singular to the collective order, it is the object, the transitional furniture in which thought transforms into form, word into language; into computer technology, it is a  blue screen, the desk hosting various source files from different origins, intentionally or randomly, it belongs to a company and tertiary sector,  it is a department, it is a room, 'a room of one's own' from Virginia Woolf, it is an administration service, it is an agency,it is an architectural space and an idea, it is ..