I have these two objects in my studio, they’ve been there for a while. One exists already, the other has been floating around in my brain for quite some time, as the mind is also a studio. Both were developed at moments of indecision. They have no concise use as of yet, except for the plain fact they seem to symbolize moments of thinking. These two forms are problems and for Bureau des Réalités, I’ll bring these problems to work. Let them hang out in the office, and see if they develop into something more telling. The two problems function as hosts for speculation, each delivering in its own way.


One is obsessed with the contour.


A cut shape of wood is mounted upright on a metal armature. The surface of the wood is painted with a black and white illustration of a reclining nude hippy. The contour of the shape is the pattern-die for a series of paper skins.


The other is all interior.


A rectangular form with a slim open cavity where sheets of paper can be stored; an envelope per se, framing a space for thoughts to slip inside. The size of this form is used to develop a stationary letterhead scaled to interior of the envelope.


Each borrows from the aesthetics of administration to develop a series of gestures using object-forms as origin points in order to generate other forms, like two characters throwing ideas into a conversation. A problem is an issue, as in, a topic to address and talk about. The interior issues of each, their internal logic of a self-conscious void, are given space and a moment to project into a formed series of exterior statements.





Bureau des Réalités in Art Brussels 21-24 April 2016

Credit image, installation view January 5-31,1969. Seth Siegelaub archive MoMA, NY and the Stichting Egress Foundation, Amsterdam, Scala.

Exhibition views Guy Mees, Archives, Bureau des Réalités, Brussels

Exhibition views Guy Mees curated by Lilou Vidal, Bureau des Réalités at Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Brussels

From 9 Sept to 22 Oct 2016

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Work 1960-1990

curated by Lilou iIdal, Bureau des Réalités

Level One at gb agency, Paris

3 June -19 July 2017

18 rue des quatre Fils 75003 Paris


Guy Mees, 1960 -1990, gb agency, Paris

curated by Lilou Vidal, Bureau des Réalités

credit photo Aurelien Mole